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Mbeya / Re: Link to Mbeya photos with names of students
« on: 10 January, 2012, 13:34 »
I was at school with Alec, the picture of the 1st hockey team I have lost, but it will turn up, in it I remember, self, Alec Wight, John Warwick, Paul Kuesterman, Barry Nicholls, Andrew Sowerby, Tony Duthie, Rudolf Mier, Tony Baker, Greenfield was there and Wallington too have just seen the pic which I have found, that is the complete list with the 2 masters

Mbeya / Re: Names I remember from Mbeya School 1951 to 1957
« on: 08 January, 2012, 17:44 »
I believe I had the school record for the cuts, 13 times in one term shared by tootie frutie, Gilie used to reach in to his jacket for notepad and pen to give me a "minus" on sight! 4 minuses =1 stripe 1 stripe = 1 caning,all posted on the school notice board My father got to hear that my sister Carola was beaten on the bare bottom, my god you should have heard the noise, and Dad holding Wallington by the scruff!

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