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Get in touch / Re: Tame family of Tanga
« on: 13 December, 2011, 20:17 »
Hello Toni. Tame also had a mansion in Pangani, in Bweni to be exact, that is on the other side of the river pangani. The mansion is on the hill above Bweni and I can send to you a Picture of Pangani taken at the location of this mansion which now is serving some other use.

Also in Tanga in Usagara next to the hockey pitch there is an old cemetery, part a Christian and part a WWI military cemetary, mainly Germans. In this cemetery there is a grave of one of Tame's daughter and the grave is characterized by a beautiful white marble structure of her lying on top of the grave, the way she was found dead the day she dies. I often used to visit that grave and just gaze at it when I was young. Also the last time I visited Tanga I had to go and visit it so just to make my visit complete ! Tame apparently was an arabic speaking jew but that does not matter.

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