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Tanzania / Re: Southern Highlands coffee.
« on: 23 April, 2010, 03:49 »
I lived on a farm near the village of Igawa, about 80 miles from mbeya on the iringa road. We left tanzania in august, 962, but my dad, at the request of the owners, (David Ricardo and Colonel Towne), had planted coffee. We were on the banks of the fastflowing Mbarali river, (about 5 miles off the main road.eastwards), and the coffee seedlings dad planted were just coming to fruition. He had sold about 10 sacks in mbeya. The first year's seedlings had been demolished by a herd of elephants coming down to drink, and being attracted by all the wind-breaks surrounding the field. Bananas and Paw-Paws!

rory johnston

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