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Mbeya / Re: Mbeya School
« on: 27 August, 2011, 00:22 »
Sister L Von Gebhart,     aka :- VonGefart. We had a bunch of names for that frau. She hated everyone, one of my worst experiences was seeing her for a bloody nose I suffered in a boxing tournament. She was rougher on my face than the guy who hit me. After a year at Kongwa, we were reunited with the Sister at Iringa.

Hi Froggy, I'm Doug Kidd -- I was in Livingstone House at Mbeya, '53 thru '57, before spending one year at Kongwa and then Oram House at Iringa '59 thru '62. Parents lived in Dar and Mbeya from WW2 thru '62. I remember many classmates and stay in touch with some of them. I'm trying to figure out who the heck "Froggy" was!
I tell everyone I'm a "Refugee from Tanganyika's Gulag Archipelago of European Child Indoctrination Camps at Mbeya, Kongwa and Iringa"
Some wonderful memories.

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