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Schools Share your school time memories and make contact with old friends. We've listed several schools which aren't strictly northern Tanzania because we've already had lots of feedback. 153 153
Arusha School For pupils of Arusha School, founded 1934 29 164
Mbeya Opened in 1942 22 128
Kongwa Opened 4th October 1948. Closed 1958? 3 5
Soa Hill 1 2
St. Michaels & St. Georges, Iringa Opened in 1958. Closed 1963? 2 3
St. Michaels, Soni 3 10
Dodoma European School 1 8
St Constantine St Constantine, Arusha 1 7
Other Post other school memories here, and we will set up a new board 4 6
Tanganyika Memories of Tanganyika, before independence in 1961 17 33
Tengeru Information about the Refugee Camp at Tengeru (include other camps, eg Kidugala) 6 21
Arusha Memories and photos of Arusha town 9 22
Tanzania Memories of Tanzania, after independence in 1961 9 22
Get in touch Post here if you are looking for someone. If it's you being looked for, please register and make contact by email or private message. 46 92
Film, Music, Books etc Share what you've seen, heard or read about northern Tanzania 12 20
Previous Feedback Your feedback from previous years copied from the website 11 21
This forum "The rules" plus feedback on this forum and suggestions for improvements and changes 10 29
Link to Link back to the main website 0 13731
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